SOLVE Summit

The Medicaid population is the largest untapped market for health information technology, with more than $500 billion spent annually. Despite massive investments in health technology, Americans are still dying from preventable diseases.

The companies that figure out how to truly reach low-income, diverse populations with health technology will finally move the needle towards reducing health expenditures and improving health outcomes. 

As public health, information technology, health systems, and communications experts, we are looking to find and support the next generation of companies that are going to reduce chronic care costs by billions of dollars for Medicaid patients. SOLVE Health Tech is partnering with the UCSF Health Hub to host the SOLVE Health Tech Summit on May 21, 2019. The first of its kind, the SOLVE Summit will convene the nation's leading digital health companies, funders, and innovators.

The SOLVE Summit will focus on a competition for health technology companies offering products that promise to improve health. Applications will open in February, and the strongest applicants will pitch their products to a panel of industry, policy, and healthcare leaders at the SOLVE Summit. Winning applicants will be awarded an engagement with SOLVE Health Tech to adapt their product for the Medicaid market so they can reach more patients, more effectively. 

Join us at the SOLVE Summit for the opportunity to get an early look into the next class of innovative technology companies that are going to make a real impact in health. For more information, please see our FAQs.

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