Our Model

Theory-informed. Focused on Equity. Proven. 

S.O.L.V.E. Health Tech's offerings enable health information technology to reach diverse users. Whether tailoring health content so that it is culturally relevant, conducting usability testing, or validating and evaluating products, our services will empower your product to reach a broader population, more effectively.  We're also highly experienced in publishing results: with over 400 publications, our team can disseminate generalizable findings that will reach academics, customers, and investors alike.

Collaborations with S.O.L.V.E. Health Tech are meaningful for companies at all phases of maturity, from early stage start-ups developing their first product to mature companies scaling in real-world settings.

As health communication experts, primary care providers, and researchers, you can feel confident that a partnership with S.O.L.V.E. Health Tech will generate actionable insight and tangible results so your product connects with more patients.