The S.O.L.V.E. Health Tech team develops and presents educational materials about digital health and equity to a range of audiences in the public and private sectors. 

Bridging the Digital Health Divide Series

In collaboration with the California Health Care Foundation, we created a series of briefs focused on how to create equity and inclusion during technology implementation and design to help health care providers, health plans, and developers reach everyone.

Telemedicine for Health Equity Toolkit

Developed in partnership with the Center for Care Innovations and with support from The Commonwealth Fund, the Telemedicine for Health Equity Toolkit helps remote care reach patients with low-incomes and from racial and ethnic minority groups to promote health equity rather than exacerbate health disparities. 

AMA Innovation Academy - Implementing Innovative Solutions with an Equity Lens

In August, 2021, Dr. Lyles outlined best practices for implementing telehealth in an equitable, inclusive way. 

AMA Telehealth Webinar - The Digital Divide: Addressing Patient Barriers

In July 2020, we presented key patient barriers to adopting telehealth and offered strategies, resources, and tools to reduce limitations to access.